February 11th, 2011

white kitty


usually i don't tend to talk about the behind the scenes things that happen at cons, shows or events unless it's a big thing for me in a way.

anyone that has known me for a long time knows that i haven't been doing competitive costuming for that long. i haven't even been doing it for 2 years yet. and i started out mostly as a joke. yes the red windup doll was a joke. she was made in only 3 weeks and i came up with the sketch that chad and i did as we walked onto the stage. mostly i just wanted to see if i could do it. i never thought i was going to win.

and i have never walked on stage thinking that i was going to win. it's nice to win, but i never expect it ever.

i do have some costuming background. i grew up with my mother making all of my costumes when i was growing up. for some reason i wasn't allowed to wear them. i don't know why, but i wasn't. but what she did was wonderful. the two that i really remember was a roger rabbit costume that she made that had three feet long ears that i could bend around just like roger rabbit. i think that was four or fifth grade. she also made me a full care bear costume when i was in first or second grade. it was just like a fur suit and it could be part of why i tend to be a bit of a furry.

i have tended to always dress a bit more out there. it comes from being small and it helps me be seen when i am performing on the stage. you can see the hair over the decks even when i have stand on lifts to just see the decks.

in 2004, i started to work in film doing costuming because the producer of a film though i had the right look for the film with what i wore all the time and thought that i could pull it off.

i did that for a few years, worked on a few very cool projects. even got to work in the i.l.m. costume shop for a week. yes, i got to play in that costume shop for a little while. but what happened and how it happened is a story for another time.

so i do have a background in costuming. i'm not costumers' guild or anything like that. i don't plan to be.

when i do costumes for competition i tend to make things that i can wear parts of in regular life. i like being able to mix and match and keep using what i make.

i also love doing the whole steampunk or stichtpunk thing. i love all the found object thing of stichtpunk and it tends to be the way that i make things to start with. i also really do the using things in ways that they aren't supposed to be used part of stichtpunk, like the paint chips in the human kabuki lion's chest plate or the phone cords in the windup dolls hair and the classic car parts and vintage buttons that where part of her key.

i thought it would be fun to rework the kabuki lion to something more furry for fc this year for the fun of it. i had the time with my lungs all messed up and cracking my ribs. i had the time to do the very fine detailing on him.

i wasn't sure about entering him in the masquerade until about a week or two before the con. i went over the rules for the masquerade with a fine toothed comb and even talked to the masquerade director to make sure that i did fit into the rules. it stated that the fc masquerade was not a fur suit competition , but was about anthro-promorphic costumes and anything that was anthro could be entered.

ok, coolness, i can enter amime raion and i did.

i had some wonderful friends helping me into him and where even back stage with me helping me and another friend who had entered her costume.

i was the only non-fur suit in the masquerade. the only one.

for the most part, people didn't know what to do with me. they didn't get it at all. some of them couldn't even tell kabuki for kabuki until hit in the head with it. others loved that someone was pushing what furry is supposed to be. and yet others.... hated that someone would dare to enter something that wasn't a fur suit.

i actually heard that two women back stage, who where in the masquerade, where having a full blown temper tantrum while i was on stage. it was a matter of why was i even entering and how dare i. (i heard this from my friend that was helping me and my husband.) wft? i had as much of a right to be there as anyone else did. i wasn't breaking any rules at all. i had even made sure.

i knew that amime was either going to sink or swim, but i didn't think that people would be so out and out nasty about him. i knew he was really pushing things in the definition of what furry can be and that there is a real history to it in the cultures of the world.

even though i couldn't really see what people's reactions to amime where, i could hear a very positive reaction form the crowd and i felt good with what i did.

i did win. i took runner up in the journeyman category and the over all technical achievement award. i would say that is damn good for someone that hasn't even been doing competitive costuming for 2 years and had never done a furry masquerade. i was thrilled to win.

in the aftermath of my wins, i had heard that suiters that i have a lot of respect for where actually rooting for me to win something because it was so different. i was even told by one of them that he couldn't wait to see what i could come up with next and to keep pushing the emvelope.

and i plan to keep pushing the emvelope as hard as i can.

and that brings me to what i am working on. yes, this one is being kept under wraps, save for a few people that are helping me with a lot of parts of this new one. the new one is what i need all the bottle caps for. and this one is also very much a part of history and is actually a mix of a few historical artists.

this one will push that line very very far back and let those people that feel that only suiters are furries know that there is far more out there than what is one there muzzles.