Neuromantic Wych (thebatt) wrote,
Neuromantic Wych

fire, smoke, soot, and kids last night

not doing good... not doing good at all.

at about 1:45am this morning i could hear screaming. i thought it was party for about 30 seconds. once i could actually hear what was going on, it didn't sound good. then there was a huge crash. we could see black smoke poring out of the complex next to us. the dragon grabbed the phone and called 911 as i called coy to see if he has a fire extingisher to help get it out. i didn't see how bad it was until we got out there.

it was very very bad.... the family that was in there was mostly out... MOSTLY!!!! i was able to help the mother and hold her for a bit. i took her little one for a bit and then held her oldest girl while coy held the baby. the mother was in hysterics. i found out that her 9 year old girl was still trapped in the unit and the father had tried to go in but he almost passed out trying to get the little girl out.....

i sat on the drive way with mother and held her and did what i could.

the dragon got blankets for the kids and water that we had in the car.

we got the mother to the cops and they where checking her over as we gave the kids to them.....

we found out that the 7 year old didn't make it......
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